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They stay focused on managing their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. They also make self-improvement a priority, because they know there's always room for improvement. And they give up these 10 things that could destroy their inner peace.


The people you surround yourself with affect the way you think, feel, and behave. Engaging with people who lie, gossip, bully, or cheat takes a toll on your well-being. Mentally strong people don't waste their energy trying to change toxic people. They establish healthy emotional and physical boundaries. Thinking everything is percent your fault--whether it's a failed relationship or an accident--will affect the way you see yourself and the world around you.

You can't always prevent bad things from happening. Mentally strong people take appropriate accountability. They recognize they're responsible for their choices, but they also acknowledge factors beyond their control--like the state of the economy, the weather, and other people's choices. Thinking you need to be happy all the time will backfire.

Momentary pleasure is much different than long-term satisfaction. Mentally strong people are willing to put in the hard work it takes to gain contentment. They refuse to give in to instant gratification or temporary indulgences. They look for ways to build a brighter future by creating long-term goals. It may seem like staying inside your comfort zone is the key to feeling good in life.

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But avoiding discomfort always backfires in the end. Mentally strong people face their fears, venture into unknown areas, and test their limits.

They know that being uncomfortable is tolerable and allowing themselves to experience discomfort is the key to living a better life. Thinking the world and the people in it are out to get you will prevent you from being your best. In fact, if you blame all of your problems on external circumstances you'll never take responsibility for your life. Mentally strong people acknowledge their choices, even in the face of tragic circumstances. They focus on the things they can control, and they refuse to waste their time hosting pity parties. You could waste a lot of your life trying to make people like you.

Depending on admiration from others, however, gives others power over you. Mentally strong people are comfortable in their own skin. They don't waste their time worrying about whether other people approve of their choices.

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Instead, they focus on living according to their values. Peace, love and pear! When we live our lives on auto pilot, we get lost in the shuffle and life can seem more of a struggle and we tend to feel out of control. Highly successful people are focused and goal oriented. The benefits are clearer thoughts, more energy and the ability to juggle multiple projects without feeling totally depleted. So what are some of the top things you can do to help you become more successful and as a result, happier and healthier? Set your intentions. Upon waking in the morning, spend a few minutes setting your intentions for the day.

This can be as simple as saying a little thank you or practicing gratitude for the things you have in your life. You can also practice positive self-affirming talk as if you have already achieved your goals. We all have obstacles and challenges but take a look at what you do have and acknowledge it with a positive thumbs up!

This sets the stage for positive thinking all day. Drink a glass of warm water with lemon. Water hydrates the body, revs up your digestive system and gets things moving. Eat a healthy breakfast.

Rather than reaching for a box of cereal, a bagel or a fast food meal, make a quick egg scramble with eggs and some spinach, mushrooms or your favorite veggies. Try a chia seed pudding or an energy smoothie. Go easy on the sugar and the carbs in the morning and throughout the day. They will give you immediate energy but soon you will crash and have brain fog.

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Do not check your phone or email for at least an hour upon waking. Most of us do some of our best thinking, writing and strategizing in the early morning hours.

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Take advantage of this time and you will be your most productive. A bad morning under pressure can ruin a perfectly good day! Take a brisk walk outside for 20 minutes and take deep breaths all through your walk. Fill your lungs with air and take in a little nature. It will remind you that you are alive, heighten your senses and help to ground you for the day.

Get your body moving. Our bodies are meant to move and we are spending too much time sitting and staring at electronic screens. We sit all day at our desks at work, we sit in the car for our daily commutes and then come home and do more sitting while watching TV. The more you move your body, the better you will feel. Or maybe crank your favorite song and dance in your living room like no one is watching! Make a list the night before of things you want to accomplish the next day or that week. Staying focused and organized will motivate you to actually achieve these goals.

Focus on today and make it healthy one. Keep moving, keep growing and keep positive.

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Your body and mind will love you for it. Enjoy the day! A powerful practice to bring your hopes, dreams and goals to life this new year. Visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do. When you are visualizing, you are emitting a powerful frequency out into the Universe. So how can we use visualization to help us get closer to our goals and dreams? Have you heard of vision boards but not actually created one yourself? Vision boards are fun to create, they serve as a valuable tool to motivate and inspire you and can help you define and set life goals.

Creating a sacred place that displays what you want actually helps to bring it to life. You have to name it to claim it. Vision boards provide the opportunity to sit and think about what it is you want for your life. They should represent what you want and how you want to feel. Once you know the things that are important to you, creating a visual representation takes it to another level. Here are just a few of the benefits of vision boarding: Vision boards make you think about what it is you really want. Vision boards help you get unstuck and focus on your goals Vision boards will get you all fired up emotionally and help you connect with your hopes and dreams.

What should you put on your vision board? Anything that inspires and motivates you! Your vision board is your opportunity to send a message to the Universe that this is what you want to bring to life. Think about your goals and desires in the area of your career, relationships, finances, home, travel and personal growth.

Need a little extra inspiration? Sit quietly, pick a card from your Soulful Connections deck and dig deeper into what you would like to manifest in your life today. Soulful Connections has unique and thought-provoking questions, created to inspire self-reflection. This leads to creating a life you will love filled with passion and purpose. Use this card deck with your vision board and in your journaling practice and see where it takes you!

Set your dreams in motion. What's the one thing you can do right now to turn your dreams into reality? Did you know studies have shown that a regular journaling practice helps to clear your mind, focus on your goals and alleviate stress? Getting your thoughts, feelings and aspirations down on paper offers you the opportunity to build a deeper connection with yourself and identify goals and desires you want to manifest in your life.